The New Chapter Unfolding

So I've been in Hamilton for 21 months and written one blog post. Perhaps it's some indication of how life has been since I quit my full-time advertising job in Toronto and started working and living the freelance life. The transition was life giving in many ways. I had time to relax, learn, think deeply, pray and recover from a busy life I'd left behind. I felt like I'd moved to a life of possibility because I had time for those things. Time I simply hadn't had for many years.

So what does one do with such time? I was able to spend more time with my lovely wife and support her as she starts a floral business here in Hamilton. I spent time on relationships like friends, church community and family especially with my three nephews and niece. I discovered I was so interested in learning again. I learned how to make espresso by trial and error and a lot of reading, researching and tinkering. I went on long bike rides. I painted and built up a beautiful bike for my wife. I even built up a new bike for myself. I did a lot of cool design work for friends. I slept in a lot, read a lot more of the bible than I ever had before. I moved into an amazing workspace with some friends from church. I don't know if I've struck a perfect balance yet but I definitely wear smiles more often, have a zest for life more days than not and am so much more of a whole person.

To sum it up, the move didn't just change work, it changed my life in such a complete way. There's lots of things I want to do better and I think that list will continue to grow. The nice thing is I can control what things are on top.