A New Chapter Begins

So, I'm here in Hamilton. Yep, my wife and I made the big move from Toronto and headed to this lovely place. We're living with great friends who bought and renovated a house to make a gorgeous home. I used to be a designer at a big ad agency called Union. It was a great place and had been though some great and rough times but ultimately it was time for me to make a choice between work and the life that I had been neglecting. I chose that life, time to spend with my wife, time to ride my bike, time to chase dreams and time to learn more about my faith. It's been quite an amazing journey just to get to this point but this seems like just another beginning, a new chapter as corny as cliches are. So right now, I'm working as a freelance designer, doing brand, print, digital work and I'm excited to get to the office every day (which happens to be down the hall). My boss is a great guy too; myself. From time to time, I'll post new adventures, discoveries, accomplishments, failures and things that tell more about life and less about work.

Have a lovely day,